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Pizzeria Di Mare in Kemi serves lunch from Monday to Friday 10:30–14:00. You can choose a salad or a regular, feta or special pizza at good prices. The lunch also includes salad, drink (milk or water) and coffee.

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Generous Di Mare lunch – choose your portion

At Di Mare, our customers are treated to delicious pizzas and salads.

The regular pizzas, numbered 1–18, cost €7.00. Our selection includes, for example, the marine option Frutti Di Mare that contains shrimp, tuna and mussels, or if you want to have more meat, perhaps choose Finlandia that contains ham, salami, tuna and minced meat.

Vegetarians may go for Vegetariana, containing mushrooms, sweet pepper, pineapple and olives. We also offer a gluten-free pizza base for a small extra price.

Of the feta pizzas, numbers 19 and 20 are included in the lunch offer: the tasty Vegetable feta and the more meaty Salami feta. The feta pizzas cost €8.

Special pizzas (21–27) are also available at lunch time. Choose one of the kebab-filled delicacies or try the honey-marinated Curry chicken pizza with peaches and jalapenos. As we are in the heart of Lapland, our lunch menu naturally also includes Reindeer pizza, where delicious reindeer meat blends in with a crispy pizza base with red onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic. Price €8.50.

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Large Di Mare lunch salads

Pizzeria Di Mare's lunch offer includes not only the pizzas but also a side salad. All salads contain lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Other nutritious ingredients include feta cheese, honey-marinated chicken, blue cheese, shrimp and ham.

The lunch salad costs €8, and includes, like the lunch pizzas, a side salad, beverage and coffee.

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Lunch price list

Mon–Fri 10:30–14:00

The price includes the salad, a beverage (water/milk) and coffee.

Regular pizzas 1–18, 7.00 €

Feta pizzas 19–20, 8.00 €

Special pizzas 21–27, 8.50 €

Salads 8.00 €


Pizzeria Di Mare in Kemi serves delicious lunches 10:30–14:00. Choose a hearty salad or your favourite from our regular and special pizzas.

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